What to Expect

What to Expect

Our Worship Experience is a casual, relaxed, family time with the intent of providing a space for a spiritual encounter with the Living God. Each week we have; an extended time of Intimate Vineyard worship, a time of fellowship, a relevant Biblical message, and a time for personal prayer ministry.

We have age appropriate classes for children. We don’t baby sit the children but we teach them Biblical lessons and train them to apply the Bible in practical ways.

Typically we open with a prayer, you may hear us invite Holy Spirit to come.

The lights will dim and then we will begin to worship Jesus for an extended period of time. We believe as we worship we encounter the living God. Don’t be surprised if you sense His nearness during this time. We are not in a hurry we take our time because sometimes it takes a few minutes to shake off the dust from the week.

After worship, we pray or take communion and then take a break. During the break, we encourage everyone to take time talk and share. This is community time.

After our break, it’s sermon time. One of our preaching team will deliver a 40 to 45 minute practical Biblical sermon.

Following the sermon, there will a time for Holy Spirit lead ministry. Ministry team members will be available to pray for those who want or need prayer.

We invite all to come and join us on Sunday.

Come as you are, all are welcome.