Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

We value Worship of God as our highest priority. We desire to pursue Gods presence in corporate and private worship. We seek to know Gods voice and to follow his leading.

We value the Word of God as our highest authority in faith and practice. We desire to see the written word of God taught in practical and inspiring ways. We seek to hear and communicate Gods prophetic word in love.

We value Christ likeness as our highest goal in life. We desire to minister and live our life in the power of the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus Christ. We desire to do the stuff Jesus did in ways that bring honor and glory to our Lord.

We value Prayer as our primary means of communicating with God. We believe prayer is essential to knowing God and carrying out his plans on the earth.

We value Servant Leadership as the means of continuing Christs ministry in the earth today. We desire for church leadership to lead the church through humility, selflessness, and grace, always abounding in love with a sincere desire to build up the Body of Christ.

We value Reality and Simplicity. We desire to be real to walking in the Spirit and to see the supernatural works of God. We desire to practice our Christianity in simplicity without religious hype in a natural joy filled way.

We value Integrity. It is important for us to speak the truth, deal honestly and live uprightly.


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