Discipleship – Spiritual Growth

Discipleship – Spiritual Growth

Discipleship – Spiritual Growth

How Do I Grow?

Growing & Maturing
The Vineyard puts a high priority on our need to be constantly learning and growing as Christians; learning to feed and grow ourselves and encouraging one another in our growth.
Look at plants, what do they need to grow? Plants need water, sunlight and rich soil with lots of nutrients, and of course fertilizer. As Christian we understand the light and water of the word of God is vital and having a good safe fertile place to plant is key. But something we often over look is the value of the fertilizer in our life. Fertilizer is often needed to stimulate growth. The mess in our life is often just the right fertilizer we need to stimulate growth. So if you are not perfect that is a great place to start in the growth process. Just give God all your mess, the apostle Paul called is dung, we often call it something else,it starts with “c” and ends in “p” and God will use it to help you grow.

In the New Testament a follower of Jesus was called a disciple, a student, a learner. It was an expression in the Jewish culture to say “May the dust from the feet of the Rabbi cover you.” It means to sit at the feet of your teacher or walk so closely as to be covered with the dust from his feet. So to us it means a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus, and it is a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thing!

Spiritual maturity involves growth and change from the inside out so that we are not just “talking the talk” but “walking the walk”.

Spiritual growth is about becoming more like Jesus; learning to think like Jesus and to act like Him. It is a life long process!

As we grow and mature, every part of our lives is affected – our attitudes, our speech, our finances, our habits, our behaviors, and our relationships.

After becoming a member Vineyard 101 the next steps for Discipleship, Spiritual Growth, at Trinity Vineyard are:
Vineyard 201
How is Your Soul – this class is built around the booklet from Vineyard Resources of the same title. The purpose of the course is to help the disciple of Jesus develop personal study habits for spiritual renewal. We will cover some spiritual disciplines and how they help us to grow in fellowship with the Lord and with one another.
This class will normally follow Vineyard 101 and will be offered a least twice a year in May and October and as need arises.
Bible Study
If you have gotten out of the habit of reading your bible on a regular basis the following tools may be helpful.
Reading and Studying God’s Word One discipline we all need to adopt as Christians, is to read, study, meditate and apply God’s word in our daily life. If you have never started or gotten out of the habit of reading your bible on a regular basis the following tools may be helpful:
The Bible Gateway website has great resources. You can select the right reading plan for you.
  • Click to go to Bible Reading Plans
The Bible Gateway website also has audio Bibles so you can stream the word over the internet and listen anywhere you can connect to the internet.
  • Click to go to the Audio Bible Resources
Financial Stewardship
One of the most challenging but powerful ways God chooses to grow us, is in how we handle our finances. So much is written in God’s word on this subject; NOT to limit us but to FREE us. This is where we learn to trust Him, or not! It is also where we learn to obey Him, or not!If you are anxious about making ends meet; if you are frustrated that you cannot be as generous as you want to be to those who are poor in this world; if you are procrastinating or fearful about tithing; then it is very possible God wants to GROW YOU, through the area of your FINANCES. The Following are some great articles to help you grow financially:

Small Groups
At Trinity Vineyard we value small groups and place a high value of growing through relationship in small groups.  A small group provide a place to make friends and to grow, not just alone but with others; studying and applying God’s word together; being vulnerable and accountable, learning to minister and to receive ministry, and learning how to step out and use the spiritual gifts God has given. Look for small groups to start in the Fall and Spring and Summer.
Vineyard 301
This course is geared to teach the disciple how to show the love of Jesus through prayer, healing, prophecy, deliverance and inner healing. The course is a quick introduction to the Vineyard prayer model and how we use it in everyday life and in the church.
Continuing Christian Education at Trinity Vineyard
After the foundations have been laid the following courses are offered each year in small group studies and are recommended to help you grow in your discipleship and gifting of the Lord.
1. Doing Healing – 6 week VBI DVD course Alexander Venter teaches. Excellent material on developing healing as a life style. Themes; Understanding Sickness & Healing; The Biblical Basis for Divine Healing; Receiving & Ministering the Kingdom; Transfer of Healing Ministry to the Church; Ordinary believer, 5 step Model of Ministry; Spirit Intimacy & Gifts in Healing Ministry.
2. Empowered Evangelism – 6 week DVD course Vineyard Resources – Robby Dawkins teaches. Themes: Invasion of the Kingdom 1; Invasion of the Kingdom 2; God Speak 1; God Speak 2; Deliverance 1; Deliverance 2.
3. Other discipleship classes:  Prophetic Ministry – 6 week VBI Course by Bruce Collins.
Naturally Supernatural – 6 week DVD course VBI, Gary Best.   Dream Language – 4 Weeks James Goll workbook.  The Prophetic Intercessor – 8 weeks James Goll workbook. The Father Heart of God – Based on book by Jack Frost, 4 weeks. SOZO ministry Training 8 weeks DVD class.


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