Receive the Buoyant Presence of God

Receive the Buoyant Presence of God

Since the area pastors meeting on Saturday, I have been feeling energized. Yesterday after Sunday morning service on my way home, I had this lightness inside. I was thanking the Lord for His presence and the word Buoyant came to mind.

Buoyant means to rise to the top or cheerful and optimistic. The Lord’s presence brings lightness to our soul and helps us to rise above whatever the world may be bringing to weigh you down. The inworking of the Spirit of God brings a cheerful optimism to our life.

During Lent I didn’t feel drawn to give up anything this year but felt drawn by the Spirit to be more deliberate in setting aside time to seek the presence of God. I have been lead to read, listen and view messages from the Toronto Blessing. The Outpouring that began in the Toronto Airport Vineyard has impacted the world and the Lord has been drawing me back to re-dig the wells of revival that Toronto deposited in my life(Gen 26). My wife and I became connected to the Vineyard through the outpouring in Toronto. I am daily seeking and making time for His manifest presence.

I told the church yesterday, what we were told in the area leaders meeting, the Vineyard is calling us to renewal and a fresh encounter with Holy Spirit. I told our church it is like Joshua chapter 3 the presence of the Lord will go before us and we must follow the presence because He wants to take us where we have never gone before.

So the word today is: Buoyant is the word to describe what God is doing. He is filling us with his presence, wind, and we become buoyant to rise above and joy, cheerfulness, fills our hearts and nothing is impossible to us.

So seek His manifest presence, soak before the Lord, hunger, and thirst for His presence. He is pouring out His Spirit open up and receive now. Let the Holy Spirit inflate you again so you rise to the top.

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